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Hospital & Skilled Nursing Facility Discharges

Is your loved one being discharged from a hospital or nursing home and you don't know what to do?  We've got you covered.
Discharges from Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities can be overwhelming and confusing from many perspectives.  If you don't know if your loved one is ready for discharge, you have questions about their Medicare benefits in these settings, or you don't know how to begin to prepare for your loved one's discharge, we can help.
Our team's in-depth experience in Skilled Nursing  has allowed us to manage and discharge thousands of patients from the nursing home setting.  We offer our in-depth knowledge, advocacy and coordination of Hospital, Acute Rehabilitation (also called an IRU or an LTAC) and Skilled Nursing Facility discharges.
We collaborate and communicate with the teams in the hospital and nursing home and gather information about your loved one's stay and their readiness to discharge home.  Once we've received adequate information, we assist you in communicating, advocating and arranging services and care in preparation for discharge.  Our ultimate goal is making sure your loved one is ready and safe to go home, so that they can stay home.
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