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What is Care Management?

A Care Manager is a professional facilitator who offers advice and provides information about the variety of available options for elder care and other services for aging individuals. Care Managers not only offer their expertise in the services available; they also know the quality and costs of different providers. 


Similar to the way that a Wealth Advisor helps their clients sort through the various ways to manage their finances, a Care Manager helps aging adults and their families understand and choose the best solutions for care.

We support, guide and educate our families so that they can make informed decisions in regards to their care, whether it's a crisis today or planning to avoid crisis in the future. 

With our approach, you have the resources of a skilled team of medical professionals with over 60 years of Health Care experience, who will address your situation from three perspectives: Quality of Life, Health and Function.  We provide advocacy, education, guidance and support to families who are facing complex challenges in choosing care, identifying problems and mitigating risks.  Some may also be struggling with balancing their own lives and managing their loved one's care.   Our services are especially helpful for families who aren't nearby and are having difficulty managing their loved one's care from a distance.  
Care Management Services - This supportive, ongoing service is offered to aging adults and their families who are struggling to manage all of the complicated pieces of care. Services provided by our team include our Multi-Specialty Comprehensive Assessment, continuous monitoring of the client's needs, oversight of in-home services, advocacy, support and much more. To find out more about our Care Management services, click here.

Comprehensive Multi-Specialty Care Assessments and Care Plan-  This is a great starting point for families who are concerned that their loved one doesn't have what they need to be safe and healthy.  This service can be offered as a one-time service and is an included service for our Care Management clients. To find out more about our Care Assessments and Care Plans, click here. 

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