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Multi-Specialty Care Assessment & Proactive Care Plan

Many seniors and their families face the challenges of aging and have difficulty navigating through choosing where to begin, what to address, and when to address it. Many do not know how to identify potential problems or know how to reduce risks in the future. That's where we can help.
Multi-Specialty Care Assessment
We offer our Multi-Specialty Care Assessment as a one-time service as well as offer it to our Care Management clients as an included service.  
Our team assesses our clients from three perspectives: Quality of Life, Health and Function.  Together, we perform a comprehensive assessment that addresses physical safety, the elder's current health, health history, home safety, finances, insurance/benefits, quality of life and much more. We also use the assessment to help us get to know who our clients are, and identify what the client's wishes and goals are as well as the family's goals for care.
Proactive Care Plan
Our proactive care plans address the many areas of aging that the elder or their family may be struggling with. Once we have gathered all of the information we need, we collaborate together to formulate a personalized care plan based on our assessment and the elder's and their family's goals. 
Our care plans do not just address the senior's weaknesses, it also addresses their strengths. We assess the senior's strengths, goals and wishes and tailor our care plans to preserve independence and maintain autonomy, wherever and whenever possible.  
Our care plan is delivered to our clients in a simple, easy-to-follow format complete with a plan, education and referrals to appropriate professionals if needed. We address the issues that are 'here and now' and we also address the 'big picture'. Also included in the care plan is an action list that details what has to be done to fully address the concerns revealed at the assessment. 
Items included in the care plan may include:
  • Care Recommendations- We identify deficits in care and make recommendations for types of care along with referrals to quality service providers.
  • Home Safety- We identify potential safety risks in the home and offer suggestions for home safety modifications.  We also include referrals to home safety specialists as well as specialized contractors if needed.
  • Equipment- We recommend safety and durable medical equipment to reduce risks and improve mobility, independence and safety.
  • Living Arrangements- If the client is failing to thrive in their current environment, we offer guidance on the correct level of care and referrals to other residential options.
  • Health Assessment- We will evaluate health history, current issues and assess future risks.  
  • Legal- We will review the client's important legal health documents and arrange referrals to Elder Law Attorneys if needed.
  • Benefits & Finances- We review the client's finances to determine affordability, housing and options for care.  
  • and much more!
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